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Design & Engineering No Compromise

Monday, January 22, 2018

We are equipped to lend any level of design input you need to accommodate your tooling specifications - whether you already have a working prototype, a developed layout on disk, or simply some general idea of how your tooling needs to function.

-Greetings from Our VP, Tony Wirth -

Serving the tooling needs of other manufacturers and suppliers in the new millennium requires much more than friendly service and technical know-how.

Our business success depends a great deal on interactive teamwork and the ability to introduce new technologies effectively. We manage both of these factors well, and as a result, Skyline moves orders faster and smarter, with both precision and perfection.

Over time, reaching this level of efficiency has required an investment of time and resources. When Skyline introduced computer-assisted design and manufacture to its overall production process in the 1970's, other industry players saw the move as an expensive risk in uncharted waters.

However, Skyline's head-start in CAD/CAM has proven itself many times over. We now deliver the benefits of a completely integrated manufacturing system that streamlines each job from start to finish.

A great deal of the total long-term cost for tooling is driven by its design. That's why Skyline's staff of engineers focus on three priorities:

  • Fitting your exact tooling specifications accurately, the first time.
  • Planning the best use of raw materials to minimize scrap waste.
  • Structuring components so they can be remade as replacement parts in a cost-effective manner later on, if needed.

Upon receiving your order, we first draft a tooling concept. When approved, the concept specifications are loaded on a sophisticated CAD system to produce designs quickly and accurately. At this stage, our engineers evaluate the designs to troubleshoot potential problems, as well as upgrade the initial concept to meet needs that weren't readily seen before.